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We work hard to make this the safest nanny and au pair website on the Internet for you.

Here is some good advice to help you to detect a scammer. All au pair and nanny membership websites sometimes get 'families' who are not what they say they are. Here is some advice to help you avoid a scam. If you can answer “yes” to some of these questions, then the family might not be genuine:-

  • Phishing warning: some of our users have received emails that appear to be from New Au Pair, asking them to visit a page (not on our website) and enter their email address and password to 'validate' their accounts. DON'T DO THIS! We never send out such emails to our users.
  • Did you receive an email that appears to be from New Au Pair, telling you to contact a 'verified' family by email? DO NOT CONTACT THEM! We do not send out such emails!
  • Did you get an email that appears to be from CHI Au Pair or any other agency, telling you that a family is interested in you and asking you to pay a fee? DO NOT CONTACT THEM! CHI Au Pair has told us that there are scammers using their name in such emails. The families on our site register themselves and will contact you directly if they are interested.
  • Did someone contact you, claiming to be from PROaupair? Make sure that their email address ends with "". If it doesn't, then the email is from a scammer, pretending to represent the agency. Don't reply to them!
  • Does the family ask you to send money, for visas or documents, to them or to an 'agency'? True families NEVER ask you for money!
  • Do they ask you to email their "solicitor", "lawyer", "legal representative", "border agency", "immigration consultants", or "travel agents"? If they do, they are scammers.
  • Is there an email or phone number on the profile? DO NOT CONTACT THEM!
  • Do they email you without first adding you to their favourites list? Immediately ask for the membership number. If you can't see their profile it is because we deleted them!
  • Do they ask you for strange or unusually detailed information about your family? For example: your passport number, your national ID number, your Mother’s maiden name?
  • Does their English look a little strange?
  • Do they offer you a job before asking you lots of questions and before they know much about you?
  • Do they fail to send many photos of themselves?

If you are worried, please write to us. Tell us your membership number, the membership number of the family, and the reasons for your concern, and we will try to investigate for you.

IMPORTANT! If the family hasn't given you their membership number (and you haven't therefore seen their profile), it is because we will already have deleted them and we therefore don't need to know. Please don't email us if we have already deleted their profile.

Best regards
The team

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