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Nanny Agency Information

A nanny agency knows the difference between an au pair and a nanny and the importance of the qualifications that are required to become a nanny. Qualifications in first aid and childcare naturally vary from country to country, but a reputable nanny agency will be able to advise you on this. Established agencies will also carry out relevant checks on nannies and families in order to ensure that you enter into a professional working relationship.

A nanny agency will process a complete application for both parties which can include an application form, an essay to describe the person, references, other checks, and a medical report.

Whilst a nanny agency will normally have a number of nannies on their books, many host families seeking qualified childcarers prefer to use the vast choice on New Au Pair to find a nanny that they like and then pass their details on to a nanny agency to run all the checks.

Soon you will be able to choose a nanny agency by country from the list below, although we will not be able to recommend a particular agency’s services over another’s. Their web address and contact details will be shown, but it will be totally your choice which nanny agency to use.

If any nanny agencies are interested in being listed here, please contact us.

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Please note: most countries do not require you to use a nanny agency, however some require host families and nannies to use an official agency. This agency can generally provide host families with all the information they need about hiring a nanny (particularly in the USA) and help families with the background checks and medical checks that are required. See our Visa Requirements for the US page.

For more information on agencies generally, please see the links below:

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