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Live In Nanny or Au Pair

Some Things to Consider with the "Live In Nanny" Option

A live in nanny or au pair might at first seem a difficult decision, if this is your first time. Here we try to give a little advice on the common questions. Please note that it is impossible to cover the rules for every country - you should check with your Government to see if there are special rules for your own country. Also, we will use the term 'live in nanny' below, although most of this also applies to au pairs.

1. Cost of a Live In Nanny
Most of the families on our site find that a live in nanny is a less expensive option than having children in daycare. You have to provide a weekly salary, which can vary from USD $100 to $500 per week, depending on where you are in the world and the qualifications/experience of your nanny. You also have to provide food and accommodation. In some countries (e.g. the USA) you will also have to put your live-in nanny through one of the recognised Government agencies, which charge for the administration involved. However, the overall cost will normally work out less than the cost of having 2 children in daycare.

2. The Nanny's Room
A live in nanny will normally require her own room. Some families worry about the quality of accommodation they can provide. However, please remember that many nannies come from less-developed countries and will often consider your house and the room you provide to be much better than what they are used to at home. If a nanny has been used to sharing a small room with her sister, having her own room in your house will seem like a luxury to her!

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