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1st Parent's Name: Jana
Gender: female
2nd Parent's Name: Wayne
Gender: male
Location: Virginia, United States
Membership No: 359306

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Looking for Au Pair to work in Washington DC, USA for 1 year old girl. Prefer Czech as mother speaks fluent Czech and English.

We are a small family in Alexandria, Virginia which is a short 10 minute drive from Washington, D.C. in the USA. We live in a nice area with a community swimming pool and lots of small parks and walking trails. We have shops and restaurants a short walk from our home and our cute town is within walking distance which has lots of unique shops, restaurants and riverside views. I am Jana, the host mother.
Wayne is our daughter’s father and although we are not together as a couple he plays a very active role in Olivia’s life and we work together as a team to give our daughter the best life that we can. He lives in Mount Airy, Maryland on his private 32 acre property which is enjoyed by all of us including his vegetable garden and country lifestyle.
You may enjoy the benefits of both homes during your stay with us and both homes will provide you with your own dedicated bedroom and full bathroom. Most of your time will be spent in Alexandria, Virginia but you may be asked occasionally to spend some time in Mount Airy if you are agreeable. This will give you the opportunity to experience the hustle and bustle of our countries capital, the safety and comfort of our cute town and the serenity of our country home.
We will introduce you to our living habits, culture, traditions and are willing to invite you to participate in family activities and vacations. We both like to scuba dive and ski. We will do all that we can to enhance your experiences and would like you to become part of our family and help us to raise our daughter in a loving, nurturing and peaceful home. We will support your educational goals which include formal study and personally helping you further your reading, writing and speaking of the English language. I was born in Czech Republic and moved to Sweden with my mother when I was 12 and then moved to the USA when I was 13. I speak four languages (English, Czech, Swedish and Spanish). Wayne is British and moved to the USA 12 years ago and we are both American Citizens. Wayne served in the British Army for 9 years as a specialist driver and taught soldiers how to drive. He will happily help and encourage you to learn to drive safely and well in America.
I am a patent attorney specializing in bio-pharmaceuticals and my office is a short 15 minute drive from our home. Sometimes my work requires travel and you may be invited to join me on those trips at times and this will give you the opportunity to see more of our country and maybe other countries too. Wayne owns his own business in Cyber Security.
Our daughter is an amazing child that fills us with lots of joy. She took her very first steps on her own today and it made us so proud and emotional. Olivia is going to be one year old at the end of July this year and time is already going by too fast. She is an active child that likes to see, touch, play and be involved. She does not sit still for very long and is always learning new things. We encourage her to wonder, experience and try new things all of the time from food to play to people and animals. We want her to grow up a well rounded and happy child.
We would like our Au Pair to help us raise our child with our values, to care for her as if she were your own and to love and protect her. We want you to nurture her, teach her and be a part of our family where you feel valued and help us with household chores. We want you to be happy and enjoy your stay with us, we want you to laugh with us and make jokes, we want you to be serious when you have to be and we want you to relax when you want and need to, we want you to work hard to enjoy your experiences and we want you to feel like you don’t want to go home when you have reached the end of your time with us. If you are a good fit then we would like you to stay for the full 2 year maximum term that your visa will allow.

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