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1st Parent's Name: Charys
Gender: female
2nd Parent's Name: John
Gender: male
Location: Frankfurt area, Germany
Membership No: 326070

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We're bi-lingual and multicultural with 2 boys aged 10 and 12. We're looking for someone to join the family, laugh and play with us. We can offer you the chance to improve your English and German, and experience German, British, and American culture, all in one place!

How nice that you have found our profile!

We are a very warm, open, and friendly family, a mix in just about every way possible, and we really enjoy adding new people and cultures to our family! I'm a professional musician, born in the USA but living in Germany all of my adult life. John has a more traditional job in IT and project management. Being a musician is wonderful and inspiring, but the work hours are quite irregular. John works from home, but can't be disturbed while he's working. So, we need someone to help with child care! Flexibility and a sense of humor make everything much easier and we try to always keep that in mind.

Our au pairs have often said that they have an easy life. :-)) Sam and Ethan love to play pretend games in their room (mostly involving battles, typical boys) and need no supervision while doing that. But they also enjoy playing board games or Wii, being in the garden or going out for walks. We often go on outings on the weekend, swimming, climbing, or to castles or festivals in the area.
Our au pair has his/her own bathroom and large room, the use of a car, and lovely walks through fields and woods from the front door. The responsibilities of our au pair are quite easy, generally. But, we do need someone who is comfortable enough driving so that they can drive Sam to and from school. Otherwise, you only need to pack school snacks, make a small lunch for Sam, and supervise play time and homework until I get home around 15:00. Then perhaps a bit more help on and off until dinner time, but with plenty of time to do your own things as well, and it's possible to take language classes in the mornings. Since my concerts are in the evenings and John takes evening classes, you would need to work about two evenings per week, but that only involves about 1 hour while the boys are still awake. Housework is limited to helping with keeping the kitchen clean and occasionally cleaning the floors. We're quite flexible about those duties, though, and if you like to cook, we'll gladly clean afterwards!

Our family has had au pairs for the last 7 years and we have enjoyed the chance to add different cultures to our daily lives. We have often kept close contact with them even after they have left us and will gladly provide contact information if you would like an outside view of what life with us is like.

If you want to be a part of an unusual family, are easy-going and like to laugh, we'd love to hear from you!

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