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1st Parent's Name: Catherine
Gender: female
2nd Parent's Name: Alejandro
Gender: male
Location: Madrid, Spain
Membership No: 316023

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We're a fun Belgian-Spanish couple with two children aged 11 and 9.

Hi to all nannies/au pairs!

We are Catherine and Alejandro from Madrid, Spain. We have two energetic but delightful children aged 11 and 9.Their names are Mateo and Emma.

I'm Belgian and I'm 42 years old. My husband Alejandro is also 42.
We have two children: Mateo (11 ) and Emma (9).
We live in a city next to Madrid (Torrelodones/Parquelagos), 25 min from Madrid by bus.
I work in the Centrum of Madrid and Alejandro works in a Spanish company as IT Director.
Our children go to a school in front of our house.
At home we speak two languages: I speak French with the children and Alejandro Spanish.
Mateo and Emma speak Spanish and French but we would like them to practice and improve their English. They already have 15 hours English a week at school. They love languages and English in particular.
The working hours would be
AM.: from 8.00 o’clock until 9.30 o’clock (to take the children to school).
PM.: from 16.20 o’clock until 18.00 o’clock (to pick the children up from school).
Our families live in Belgium and in Andalusia, where we would like you to spend some time with us (if you want to).

Mateo and Emma are both at school. On your days off you can enjoy Madrid, and the beautiful Spanish cities and beaches
In our spare time we enjoy sporting, travelling, etc. We would like a nanny or au pair who will fit in with our lifestyle and enjoy her time with us.

If we sound like your kind of family, and you are looking for a job covering the dates we need someone, we would love to talk to you! Please add us to your Favourites List and we will respond.

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