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Families - Creating your Favourites List

Creating your list of favourite au pairs or nannies is easy.

When you find au pairs or nannies that you like, simply click "Add to my Favourites". They are automatically added to your Favourites List. When you want to review your favourite nannys or au pairs, simply click " My Favourites " in the top menu. These are always sorted by “date of last log in”.

When you add au pairs to your Favourites List, they receive an automatic email telling them this. They can then look at your profile.

If they are interested they will add you to their own Favourites List and you will receive an automatic email telling you. The majority of families will add a number of au pairs or nannies to their Favourites List, and will get a good percentage of favourable responses.

If any au pairs/nannies feel you are not quite right, they can send a standard response via the web site, which we call a "Thanks, but…" email. This is a standard response which cannot be personalised by the nanny or au pair, and therefore contains no reasons. It may be that the dates you need someone are not right for the au pair, or she is close to agreeing to go to another family, or many other reasons.

We make this email a standard one to make it easy for the au pair to give a response. This way, you generally get a quick response. Many au pairs find it difficult or embarrassing to write an email saying “no”, so we provide them with a simple solution so that you know as soon as possible.

Don’t forget that you might reject the majority of au pairs on this web site, and that when you choose an au pair you do so for very personal reasons. It is the same for au pairs or nannys. There are many possible reasons why someone might not choose someone else. The important thing is not to take this personally.

As we said earlier, the majority of families will add many au pairs or nannies to their Favourites List, and will get many favourable responses! You should therefore get a very good choice!

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A Family Says...
"Your site is brilliant. I have been in contact with a potential au pair… Thankyou."
- Claire,