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Nanny and Au Pair Jobs from France

   Au pair or nanny wanted by Denise and Laurent, from France
They say: Tutor or childcare assistant needed by a friendly family with 3 children (Sophie, 14, Anne-Gabrielle, 11, and Benjamin, 6) and two lovable cats, to help us with childcare (helping the children with their homework, tutoring, taking the kids to their activities...)
The family's interests include Music, drama, reading, history, philosophy, ethics, dance, hiking and being together.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Bénédicte and Mathieu, from France
They say: In the center of Paris. French family of 6 ( mum and dad, 3 girls and a dog) looking for an English speaking au pair, fun and outgoing, willing to stay with us in Paris for next French school term : end of August 2017 till July 2018.
The family's interests include We love travels art and culture. We lived in China for 3 years and loved this experience, we enjoy going out and walking in the city of Paris or any place where we can see amazing history places or landscapes. The 3 girls are a lot of fun and also like arts and crafts and doing stuff like costumes and play roles.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Isabel and Chris, from France
They say: This is not a typical au pair gig. We are a fun couple with a gorgeous mini Schnauzer, no children and need help with house guests and generally running the house for the summer in southern France. Perfect opportunity for someone studying French, or a French person wanting to improve their English, to experience the life, culture and food of the sunny Languedoc.
The family's interests include We love to entertain, go to the movies, discover new places, cook, eat out, drink wine, play with our dog Lola, garden and relax by the pool when we are in France. Our previous au pairs have joined in these activities and have really enjoyed their summer with us.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Agathe and Alexandre, from France
They say: Family with 4 boys and a cat, living in a big house in the countryside, needs help and is ready to welcome an au pair.
The family's interests include playing piano and bassoon, Rugby, walks in the countryside, painting and drawing, reading, cooking healthy and organic
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Catherine and Didier, from France
They say: Loving parents living in France with 3 adorable children aged 8 ,6 and 2 yrs old.
The family's interests include We like swimming, hiking, going for walks, sailing during summer time; skiing, doing family activities (games etc) during winter time and we LOVE travelling in general and discover new cultures and ways of life.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by ANNE-LAURE and ALEXANDER, from France
They say: We are a Franco-British family looking for an Au Pair from the end of August 2017. We have three children: - Constance, a cheerful seven year old girl, who is very talkative and loves to play. - Arthur, a friendly three and a half year old (four in September 2017) boy, who enjoys reading and is just as chatty - Elizabeth, a baby (born in January 2016), always smiling and has just started to walk. We live in Paris, in the 16th Arrondissement of Paris, in a spacious flat. My husband and I
The family's interests include Walking, reading, swimming, tennis, travelling and spending quality time together.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Emilie and Michael , from France
They say: Nanny needed by a family with 3 children ( 5,8 and 11 years old) on Wednesdays and part of the school holidays in order to introduce them to the English language and a new culture. We live near Nantes. cordially
The family's interests include Tennis, badminton, reading, painting, going to the library, cooking, biking, going to the park, creative activities..
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Veronique and Yvan, from France
They say: We re looking for a nice and dynamic au pair. I m a smily Mum with 2 lovely children.
The family's interests include We are a sports family : skiing, running, swimming, mountains, and try news things. All time in the fun
   Au pair or nanny wanted by molnar , from France
They say: i m looking a aupair in Marseille in France to teach me a langage ( English, german, spanish,or russian,): food and house free + 80e / month
The family's interests include swimm, walk, read, write
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Fred and Olivia, from France
They say: We live in France in a little village of Auvergne : Saint Bonnet Près Orcival. Il is a very green and quiet village near the big town of Clermont-Ferrand located at about 20 minutes of our house in car. We have 3 children, a nineteen year old boy who study in an other Town in France, a twelve year old girl who study in collège and live with us et the little one, Adèle, three year old. She is going to go to school in september but only until 13h et we need an au pair to care her the afternoon b
The family's interests include Play and listen music, take care of our garden, go to walk in the country, go to swim in the beautiful lake near our house, play outside with the children
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Laurent and Claire , from France
They say: Looking for au pair in Paris + holidays in Britanny. Independant bedroom can be provided.
The family's interests include Cooking, music,traveling
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Heloise.potet and, from France
They say: Au pair needed for this summer. we are pn our 30 s with Two boys ans a cat. Barbecue lovers ans food chief welcome Also in fb group au pair france??
The family's interests include Parks, beaches, bike ( but very slowly
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Sébastien and Véronique, from France
They say: Look for Nanny or au pair for July for 2 children,7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, 5 days a week, Free week-end. Can spend time together, visiting, beach ... We leave in a house, a room with own bathroom available. Lend a car. At 5km from beach (La Baule).
The family's interests include Biking, beach, spending time together, BBQ
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Frank and Sarah, from France
They say: Looking for a au pair to join us on holiday in France (private villa with swimming pool in town center) for 2-4 weeks between july 1st and august 15th. Occupy the children in the morning and sometimes in the evening if we go out, light household tasks.
The family's interests include Swimming, dining.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Marie and Charles, from France
They say: Lovely French family looking for a energetic, pro-active and well-behaved girl/boy for cultural exchanges and help with out two English-speaking sons, a few hours a week.
The family's interests include Gardening, sea side, reading
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Elodie and Maadiou, from France
They say: Wanted a nanny for two adorable children If you want this choice position Have a cheery disposition Rosy cheeks, no warts! Play games, all sorts You must be kind, you must be witty Very sweet and fairly pretty Take us on outings, give us treats Sing songs, bring sweets Never be cross or cruel Never give us castor oil or gruel Love us as a daughter and daughter And never smell of barley water If you won’t scold and dominate us We will never give you cause to hate us...
The family's interests include Basically everything a big city like Paris has to offer along with going to the country side whenever possible. We love traveling, good food and arts.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by CAROLE and MICHEL, from France
They say: We are looking for an au pair to take care of 2 twin girls. The au pair will have to prepare breakfast for the girls, dress up and bring them to school. In the evening, she will have to get them back from school, giving the bath and the diner. Some days she will have to bring them to the park, play with them, tell them stories.
The family's interests include We like going to movies, swimming, going on week-ends, mountains etc...
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Margerie , from France
They say: Fun french family, english fluent, seeking a lady au pair for sweet 8 year old Angelina, and two great boys (Clarence 15+ Amaury 13). City of Nantes. Live in position. Independant room + WIFI + board. Start Oct 1st 2017 Can't wait to meet you :-) Kindly yours, Margerie and Richard ...and Hogan our shepherd
The family's interests include Have fun, swim, ski...
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Pierre-Yves and Boriana, from France
They say: A fun, French-speaking homeschooling family with a gifted 6-year old boy.
The family's interests include Gardening, walking and hiking in nature, cycling, yoga, reading, home cinema movies, music
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Emma and Gerard, from France
They say: We are looking for a kind, caring, fun and sensible au pair to look after our 3-year old son on an almost full-time basis. We are a family of 3, plus Jack the cat and Dolce the big, sweet Great Dane dog, living in the French mountains on the Swiss border.
The family's interests include We love to play in the garden, go to parks and nature reserves, eat in the many mountain 'auberges' in the area and walk the trails nearby, and build (duplo!) trains.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Anne and Peter, from France
They say: Au pair needed for the Summer months in the Mountains South France. Very quiet location. Three kids aged 9,7,5. Two older boys , 1 girl. Fun family - need help entertaining and looking after the kids, keeping their rooms tidy and general house keeping / laundry. Must like the outdoors and have a sense of humour and adventure. . English speaking (french a plus)
The family's interests include We entertain with bbq's in the summer, relax in the garden, swim, picnic, kids climb trees and ride bikes etc.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Sharon and Ray, from France
They say: We are a English speaking family, living in France with 2 children and a puppy looking for an au pair. You are an EU national, over 21 years of age, and interested in joining our happy family for a year, perhaps improving your French and exploring a beautiful part of the world in the middle of Europe.
The family's interests include Being active (running, hiking, games at home), being silly and telling jokes, exploring and learning new things.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by BRUNO , from France
They say: Hello, i'm looking for au pair in Lyon. I have 2 pretty children of 7 and 8, and need someone to help me to care them.
The family's interests include We like promenade , week end near the sea or in the mountains, french cooking , ...
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Marion and Gilles, from France
They say: We are a family with 3 children, 2 boys, the older is 9, the younger 7 years old and a little girl who is 4 year old. Our older son loves playing the piano, puzzles and books, the younger dinosaurs, cooking and his teddy bear (called doudou) which is actually a tiger. Our daughter loves to laugh, to smile, to dance and to eat pancakes and to cuddle her baby (called Margot)....
The family's interests include We like to play at the park, visit museum, zoo, visit friends and family, go to the beach, watch movies and read. Most of all we love to sing songs, laugh with our kids, take long walks in the forest or ride bicycles. Wanna share with us ?
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Frédéric , from France
They say: Bonjour, Recherche personne souhaitant venir en France. Habitation dans une belle campagne proche de Lyon. 25 heures en moyenne de travail par semaine 1 jour de repose minimum 2 possibles. Rémunération 350€ par mois.
The family's interests include Musique, cuisine, sport

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