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Nanny and Au Pair Jobs from Canada

   Au pair or nanny wanted by Trevor and Anita, from Canada
They say: Must speak swiss german
The family's interests include Outside all the time gardening etc
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Stacy and Roger, from Canada
They say: Au Pair needed by a family with 2 children and 2 dogs, to help us with childcare, that are energetic, fun and loving while we are working. We are looking for someone to be a part of our family :)
The family's interests include Our family likes to spend time outdoors. We like to go camping in the summer, playing outside, swimming, boating, fishing and hunting. We also like to bake/cook together in the kitchen. Also, we enjoy trying new things and anything to spend family time together
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Francis and Hélène, from Canada
They say: Looking for an au pair to take care of our 5 years old son Noé in beautiful Québec City for the summer. We are looking for a native english speaker has an opportunity for Noé to learn english.
The family's interests include Outdoors, camping, hiking, biking, travel.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Ayda and joe, from Canada
They say: We have a 20 month old boy. my husband is a shift worker and I am currently teaching part time and would like to change that to full time at some point if we find a stable care for our child. We are very simple and easy going family. We are looking for someone very kind, loving and also very responsible. Our child safety is very important to us. Our son is a happy boy and can be shy at times. We love to take him out to the park, to play grounds, music class and swimming as much as we can. H
The family's interests include parks, swimming, music, dancing, indoor playgrounds, malls, etc
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Beverley , from Canada
They say: We are a warm Canadian family looking for a live-in-nanny to share life with us. I would like my 2 boys to have an amazing role model who is sincere about spending quality time with them.
The family's interests include We enjoy taking trips to beaches on Vancouver Island, playing soccer, going snowboarding and having dinner parties with neighbours and friends.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Jenn and Dave, from Canada
They say: We are looking for an active au pair to look after our two children (4 + 6) and a friend who is also six years old. They are sweet kids, creative, and all study in French Immersion. I am looking for someone only for the Canadian summer season (July 6 - Aug 31, 2017), 8 weeks, to come and enjoy our beautiful surroundings and take the children out on adventures at the parks, library, community centres, etc.
The family's interests include We like outdoors, socializing, the kids like crafts, lego, building, playing, bicycles, swimming, playgrounds, parks, etc.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Igna and Ted, from Canada
They say: Hi there, We are a Dutch family in Fort Langley, BC, looking for a fun, responsible, mature and honest hardworking girl to look after our 3 little girls (4yo,2yo,7months). We need someone that is flexible and doesn't mind early and irregular hours, mostly during the week/daytime though.
The family's interests include When we're off together, we like to find a balance between going out with the kids and spend time as a family as well as getting stuff done around the house
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Kris and Jeremy, from Canada
They say: Hello, My name is Kris Bernard. I am a host mom in Stratford Ontario – which is just a few hours outside of Toronto. My family and I are looking for a new au pair. Here’s a quick introduction to our family: My Husband Jeremy and I have two children, Luke (age 8) and Joe (age 7). We also have a very friendly dog, Leonard and we live in a picturesque community that is known for its world renown theatre. My husband and I both work for the Stratford Festival Theatre. I run the Front of House D
The family's interests include Joe is unbelievably funny, compassionate and loves working with his hands. He is a handyman in the making; He loves to help his dad work around the house and enjoys anything that has him tinkering with tools. He enjoys cooking, swimming, crafts and soccer. Luke is lovable little man who is full of energy, outgoing and charismatic, He is the thinker. He enjoys checkers, card/board games, puzzles swimming, pirates and he is a wiz at math. Luke is very competitive and he enjoys playing soccer and h
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Anna and Biju, from Canada
They say: Nanny needed for a successful active couple with a 4 year old and a small pug:)we enjoy our wide open surroundings,skidooing during the winter and spend time outdoors on our farmland.we are looking for someone to be part of our family and take care of our active beautiful boy and treat him like your own.
The family's interests include Travelling to Jamaica between work cycles,skidooing or quading /working with heavy equipment and the hydrotherapy massage bed /fitness room/sunroom/home theatre /control 4 entertainment system/worldwide music selection interests(but somehow the 4 yr old always gets his cartoons and gets more exercise excitedly playing and jumping around)
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Michelle and Willem, from Canada
They say: Looking for adventurous au pair/nanny to care for bi-lingual twins in Dutch-English speaking household in Toronto.
The family's interests include We are a busy working family that enjoys trips to parks, weekends away and spending time in the kitchen cooking up a good meal.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Alejandra and Chris, from Canada
They say: Come join our family! Our twin 4 year old girls are amazing! Look forward to meeting you!
The family's interests include keep active, relax, spend time with the girls playing games , hiking etc
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Brian , from Canada
They say: I'm a single father to an awesome 5 year boy and I'm looking for special person who is wanting to be a part of our small family, but big hearted family. We are full of love and compassion, but we could use a little help. It is our hope that by using this site, we can find someone that we can have a mutually beneficial relationship with.
The family's interests include We are likely more health conscience than most Canadians. We try to eat organically as much as possible (omnivorous) and limit fast food to about once a month as a treat. We also love the outdoors, such as going to our lake house to go boating, tubing and fishing, going for daily walks or bike rides on the trails around our house, as well as, flying kites, playing in the outdoor parks and hiking around the river valley. We also enjoy swimming at the indoor local wave pool all year around.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Liz and Jonathan, from Canada
They say: Unique family with two children require an au pair. Our Daddy goes away for 3 months and is home for 2 months. Which means, our au pair would have very little work for 2 months and could travel and explore Canada and the US if they desire. We would love to tell you more, if you would like!
The family's interests include We like to travel and do things as a family when we can. Our day to day lives don't always allow for this, but we try to do more fun things when our Daddy is home from work. We live in a small beautiful riverside town, about an hour from Toronto. The kids enjoy going to the parks in our area, playing their video games, colouring, Lego, dressing up, riding scooters, going for walks, and just being silly. We like to go to the Drive in Theatre when we can, and having movie nights in our basemen

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